An avatar on our Teamspeak should not contain any pornographic, racist, insulting or other obscene images unless they are funny. It is at the discretion of a moderator or admins whether the avatar is deleted by the user or not.


We don’t care how you talk to each other, but please don’t disturb other users on the Teamspeak server.
Verbal attacks against other users are strictly prohibited.


Jumping back and forth between individual channels is prohibited.
Here also the moderator or admin decides whether the person is kicked or even banished.
Channel hopping is not switching to other channels to find people to play with.


The recording of calls is only allowed on the entire server after consultation with the users of the corresponding channel.
If a user does not agree to the recording, the recording of the call is prohibited.

§1.5 KICK / BAN

In the Kick- / Bann message you should always give a reason.
Inappropriate kicking/banning should be reported to the management without hesitation.
It is at the discretion of the management whether the ban is revoked or whether the user remains banned.


Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords and the like may not be exchanged publicly.
A Server Admin will never ask for sensitive data such as user passwords.

§1.7 BOTS

Bots may only be connected to Teamspeak if they are also marked with the legitimate server group.
If this is not the case, it is up to the moderator to decide whether to kick the bot or give it the legitimate server group.
Users who own a musicbot have the possibility to equip their musicbot with the server group from the server line.


The recording of own music, or the transmission of other undesired sounds is prohibited, unless the users in the channel agree.
Should it still be the case, it is up to the moderator to decide whether to kick, ban this person or just give an oral warning.


All our services Like Team Speak 3, Website and other features are COMPLETELY free, So do NOT make any payment for anyone who asks you to, Unless you want to make a donation through our official website.

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